Thursday, June 11, 2009

The Meaning of Mystique

The American Heritage Dictionary defines Mystique as:

noun:An aura of heightened value, interest, or meaning surrounding something, arising from attitudes and beliefs that impute special power or mystery to it: the cowboy mystique; the mystique of existentialism.//-->

So what is Tweet~Mystique? I actually happened upon the term while "tweeting" with a follower who has a particularly Mystical quality to his profile picture which contains 1/2 his face and a black cat. You may have seen him around the "Twitter~verse" he goes by @Tomas57, He describes himself in his Bio as an artist, musician, intellectual antagonist, hypothetical realist. But who is he really? Mystique is an aura a gathering of perceptions from bits of information collected though experiences, meetings, sightings & conversations but is perception reality? For all I know @Tomas57, maybe be an accountant living in Jersey wearing horn rimmed glasses and a beer belly! I am sure that is not the case, but I think you can understand my drift here. Online in the "Twitter-verse" there is a great deal of Mystique afloat. Your Online Aura can be whatever value, attitude or belief you put out there, it gives one a chance to re-invent and perhaps even to be more real and true to ones nature than in day to day life. The Websters dictionary adds this to the definition : the special esoteric skill essential in a calling or activity . I think this definition captures some of the Twitter~Mystique quite well, after observing Twitter a few times you will automatically will be drawn to certain people "tweeting" why? These particularly Tweeters have mastered the skill of Tweet~Mystique they draw you in, their Aura is palpable through the screen and you just want to be part of their circle. The most interesting thing I have noted is that the celebs on Twitter are not the most interesting people, no in fact they seem to be quite separate and unable to plug into the conversation almost appearing more aloof, just try to engage one and they almost never Tweet back preferring to Tweet among themselves, that's OK though because it's people like @DocNasty, @KimSherrell, @Tomas57, @Wil_M, @pathfindersar, @KimberleKelly, @Snu70 and let's not forget @Uberdragon and many others I am sorry I have left off here that have the Tweet~Mystique down. I have found that heightened sense of value in engaging with these people, I have a definite picture in my head of each and every one and there is a somewhat Mystical Quality to our Twitter~Ship.

So, Mystique, not certain I have adequately defined it here but I thought since my Blog is called Tweet~Mystique I had better make my first blog somewhat apropos to the title. As we say on Twitter, "Tweet you later friends!"